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Apr 19, 2024

38% of Brits, or 20 million people, work from home at least some of the time. For many, it has provided the ability to improve productivity and achieve a better work/life balance. 

However, one topic that rears it’s head time and time again with my clients is making sure that people that are out of sight are not out...

Apr 5, 2024

Hands up who likes to fail at things? I know I can’t see you, but I’d like to wager there’s not many of you with your hands up. I used to hate to fail. To be honest, I’m still not overly keen on it but I’m a lot better at it than I used to be.

Today I want to share with you how you can keep your fear of...

Mar 22, 2024

In this episode of The Career Confidence Podcast, I'm talking about how to build your career support network. In this episode I share:

  • How your career support network is different to but just as important as your professional network.
  • Who you need in your career support network and why they are a vital part of your...

Mar 8, 2024

Do you ever feel like you are doing a great job but your manager doesn't recognise and appreciate the value that you bring?

It’s the responsibility of the managers and the leaders in a team to recognise the contribution each person makes. But the reality is that when people are busy, they can often forget to take the...

Feb 23, 2024

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You believe that others have an inflated view of your skills and that you’ve got where you are by fooling other people.
  • You have an intense fear of being found out and that people will realise that you're not as good at your job as they think you are.
  • Attributing success to factors...