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Apr 29, 2022

Are you a Linked In lurker? In today's episode, I want to encourage you to overcome your reluctance to be visible on social media and to use it to build your personal brand. 

Nobody else is going to share your achievements for you. You need to do it yourself and Linked In is an effective tool to help you make that...

Apr 22, 2022

If you would rather poke your eye out with a blunt pencil than go to a networking event, then this is the episode for you.

I share insights into why networking is so important and tips on how you can network in a way that feels good for you. 

If you feel you would benefit from support building your career confidence,...

Apr 15, 2022

Your values are what makes you 'you'. They help us determine what is important to us, they define the type of person we want to be, how we interact with the world around us and the way in which we treat ourselves and others.

In this episode I explain why understanding your values is key to career success. I also walk...

Apr 8, 2022

In the last episode I shared a mindset hack to help you reduce what constitutes your mental load in the first place. In this episode, I share practical strategies to help you manage what is left. 

If you feel you would benefit from support managing your mental load, book a call with me to explore how we could work...

Apr 1, 2022

The mental load is everything that you have to do and everything that is swirling around in your head - the planning, the organising, the logistics, the general life management. If you have children, not only are you managing your own life, but you're managing theirs as well and that adds to your mental load

In this...