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Mar 31, 2023

A few weeks ago, I shared a post on Linked In which got a lot of traction. The post read: 

This might ruffle some feathers but.... 

You've got to take responsibility for your own career. 

I speak to people (at all levels!) who feel miffed because their line manager hasn't booked their performance review. Yet when I ask, they have made no proactive attempt to get that meeting in the diary.

I speak to people (at all levels!) who feel that they are overlooked at work and are never the first choice for interesting opportunities. Yet when I ask, they have made no proactive attempt to get involved in those interesting opportunities.

I speak to people (again, at all levels!) that are waiting to be told what their next role might be. Yet when I ask, you guessed it!!! They have made no proactive attempt to seek out that role for themselves.

It's your career.

You need to take control. 

What really struck me were the number of people getting in touch to say they understood where I was coming from with the post but they just did not know how to take control of their career. 

I often find that people are frustrated and sometimes angry and disgruntled about their current work situation but they are just waiting for somebody to come and wave a magic wand to make the situation better for them. 

In this episode of the podcast, I share advice on how you can proactively seek out development opportunities so that you can move forward in your career. 

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